Premium SLA

  • This SLA applies only on business days (Monday to Friday - 08:00 to 17:00 hs EST)

  • Email, Chat or Google Meet support

  • Work Arround / Target Respond time start after assignment.

  • Third Party apps or Odoo Studio modifications will be charged by working time price (1 Hour min / request)

  • After hours requests will be charged by after hours working time price (1 Hour min / request)

Severity Level


Target Assignment

Work Arround / Target Respond

1. Outage

Server down


Within 10 minutes

2. Critical

High risk of server downtime

Within 10 minutes

Within 20 minutes

3. Urgent

End-user impact initiated

Within 20 minutes

Within 30 minutes

4. Important

Potential for performance impact if not addressed

Within 30 minutes

Within one business day

5. Monitor

Issue addressed but potentially impactful in the future

Within one business day

Within two business day

6. Informational

Inquiry for information

Within two hours

Within three business day