Transform your Business with Innovative ERP Solutions

Organize and optimize your business processes to reach the maximum potential of your company


$ 1,000

/ month
  • Configuration and implementation of essential modules
  • Basic training sessions for the key team
  • Standard technical support
  • Advice on the identification of basic business needs and minimal personalization of the ERP



$ 5,000

/ month
  • Complete implementation of ERP
  • Moderate customization of the ERP solution to adapt to specific company processes
  • Detailed training for different teams and departments
  • Priority technical support (via email, chat or phone)
  • Regular updates and functional improvements
  • Continuous training for the team
  • Analysis and optimization of business processes to improve operational efficiency



$ 15,000

/ team / month
  • Complete implementation of ERP (additional modules according to the customer's needs)
  • Development and integration of specific functionalities and total customization of the ERP
  • 24/7 technical support, with a dedicated account manager and proactive maintenance services
  • Comprehensive and continuous training programs for all levels of the organization
  • Continuous consulting for digital transformation and strategic optimization of business processes
  • Periodic evaluations of ERP performance and recommendations for continuous improvements